As I mentioned above, Alto fungicide, which contains the active ingredient cyproconazole, was recently registered for use in peanut for the control of leaf spot diseases and rust when applied twice at 5.5 fluid ounces per acre or tank-mixed at the 5.5 fluid ounces per acre rate with Abound 2SC at 12 to 24 fluid ounces per acre approximately 60 and 90 days after planting for the control of the above diseases and stem rot (white mold) as part of a season long disease management program.

Years ago, Alto was extensively screened on peanuts and proved to have excellent activity against leaf spot diseases and stem rot. Alto is a triazole fungicide and in areas where triazole-resistance in leaf spot fungi has been an issue, it must be tank-mixed with 0.75 to 1.0 pint per acre of a chlorothalonil fungicide (Bravo Weather Stik, Bravo Ultrex, Echo, Equus, Chloronil, etc.) to insure effective leaf spot control.