Farming is all about timing, says Joe D. White, Tillman County, Okla., peanut, cotton and grain farmer.

For him, planting on time, irrigating on time, and spraying, plowing and harvesting on time often mean the difference between success or failure of a crop.

It’s especially important in peanuts, he says.

“We have to plant them at the right time, and we have to get rain at the right time. Then we have to dig and combine at the right time.”

And in-season, he’s conscientious about applying fungicides, herbicides and, if necessary, insecticides on time. Missing a critical disease treatment by just a few days, he says, can be devastating. He also further risks loss with a delay in digging or combining.

“We must be diligent,” says White’s wife, Gayle.

Their attention to detail, even through one of the worst production years they’ve ever faced, earned White this year’s Peanut Profitability Award for the Southwest region.

Their peanut program starts with a moldboard plow, a practice he continues to follow in peanuts even as he converts his other crop acreage to a no-till system.

“I just haven’t figured out how to control weeds in no-till peanuts yet,” he says, but concedes that he’s working on it.

Back one step, White applies 100 pounds of 0-0-60, then “moldboards it under.” He likes to get potassium out early “to keep it out of the pegging zone.

“After we settle the land back down, we apply a yellow herbicide and 60 units of nitrogen, 40 units of phosphorus and 20 pounds of sulfur. We fertilize for the peanuts, but also for the next crop.”

He plants the first week of May, 125 pounds of Jupiter Virginia seed per acre with an inoculant. “They have been consistent for us,” he says. “I’ve tried others.”

He adds Cadre herbicide three to four weeks later. “I sometimes add Dual in addition to the other herbicides, but the yellow and Cadre usually are enough. Cadre is good on nutgrass and morningglory, and also helps with broadleaf weeds.”

He applies Abound fungicide in mid-to late July, “right about flowering, just before pegging.”