The Georgia Peanut Commission board of directors unanimously approved a motion opposing the sharing of grower-funded technology with other countries in direct competition with domestically produced peanuts.

The motion was approved during the July 25 board meeting held at Panama City Beach, Florida, during the Southern Peanut Growers Conference.

The motion, presented by board member Tim Burch of Baker County and seconded by Joe Boddiford of Screven County, states, "The Georgia Peanut Commission opposes the sharing of technology, developed with peanut farmer checkoff funding, with producers in other countries who compete with U.S. producers for peanut markets."

The GPC has been funding research projects at the University of Georgia and the USDA Agricultural Research Service since 1961. The funding for the research projects is derived from a $2 per ton assessment collected from all peanut growers in the state of Georgia.

"Georgia's peanut growers invest more than $1 million in research annually for peanut variety development; production research relating to disease, insect and weed pressure; and economic competitiveness," says Donald Chase, GPC Research Committee chairman. "The research funding has been instrumental in developing new peanut varieties for U.S. growers that have helped growers maintain a competitive edge over other developed countries in direct competition with the U.S."