Peanut acreage in Georgia this year dropped to the lowest amount in three decades, a sharp decline for the country’s leading peanut-producing state.

Farmers planted 480,000 acres of peanuts this spring, according to a recent survey from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“If the peanut industry wanted to know what the bottom floor was for peanut acreage in Georgia in modern time, we reached it this year,” said Nathan Smith, a farm economist with University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

Georgia’s peanut acreage has only fallen below 500,000 acres twice in the last 30 years with 494,000 acres planted in 2000 and 475,000 acres planted in 1982, Smith said.

Previous to 1982, Georgia peanut acreage hadn’t dropped below 500,000 since 1967, when 493,000 acres were planted.