Georgia is the No. 1 pecan-producing state in the country, and growers there are harvesting what could be the most valuable pecan crop in its history.

Pecan trees are alternative-bearing, meaning they produce a heavy crop load every other year. This year is an 'on' year for Georgia, where 90 million pounds to 100 million pounds will be harvested.

The poundage is no record, but the prices are, bringing as much as $3 or more per pound for growers. This could push the crop's value to more than $300 million, or $100 million more than in any year prior.

China's newfound taste for the nut continues to drive the higher prices. In the past several years, the country has bought 40 million pounds to 90 million pounds annually.

Brad Haire, news director with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, speaks with Lenny Wells, state pecan specialist with the UGA Cooperative Extension, about the promise of this year's harvest.

Watch Georgia’s most valuable pecan crop ever?.