The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) offers Virginia producers the opportunity to introduce their products to the growing Indian market through a partnership with the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA).

An inbound trade mission is coming to Richmond from India July 28, 2011, and producers may meet one-on-one with importers and key buyers then. The deadline to apply is June 17, 2011.

India is the world’s fifth largest economy and is on track to become the world’s most populated country.

Its Gross Domestic Product was estimated at $970 billion in 2010 with an average growth of 7.3 percent. The food retail sector had an annual growth of 10 percent for a total of more than $250 billion.

The East Coast of the United States has seen increased opportunities for exporting agricultural products to India, and Virginia exported $3.2 million in exports to the country in 2010.

“India is a rapidly-growing market, but it’s still a new market for our agricultural producers,” said Charles Green, VDACS Marketing Director. “We are trying to establish Virginia as a market leader on the East Coast, and this inbound trade mission is an excellent, low-cost opportunity for our producers to break into the market.”

Best candidates for export to India include breakfast foods, snack foods, nuts, beverages, sauces and dressings, jams, specialty foods and confectionery products.     

Information for participants:

• Event date: July 28, 2011;

• Participation fee: $50;

• Registration deadline: June 17, 2011. No refunds after June 20, 2011;

• Participants will receive one-on-one meetings/appointments with a group of buyers from India;

• Travel and accommodations are the responsibility of company;

Producers interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to introduce their products to key buyers in India should contact Keith Long in VDACS’ Office of International Marketing. Call 804-371-8990 or e-mail

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