In response to the White House’s solicitation for written public statement on matters regarding U.S. export and trade, the U.S. Grains Council submitted a letter to the Obama administration and the President’s Export Council advising the President on matters related to agricultural exports.

In particular, the Council reiterated its support of the administration’s National Export Initiative and its aggressive goals of doubling U.S. exports in the next five years with the mission of generating 2 million U.S. jobs.

The letter also mentioned the open-ended opportunities that lie in markets in China, India and Southeast Asia where the demand for U.S. agricultural commodities continues to grow. The letter warned the President that without the swift ratification of pending free trade agreements (FTAs) between the United States and Korea, Panama and Colombia, U.S. exporters risk losing credibility among their global trading partners while competitors such as Argentina, Brazil and members of the Mercosur trading bloc, capture market share.

The pending FTA between the United States and Colombia is a particular concern to the Council.

“For several years, (the U.S. Grains Council) has worked closely with the Colombian livestock and poultry industries with numerous capacity-building efforts to help improve the efficiencies of these industries, provide them with quality U.S. coarse grain products and meet the needs of Colombia’s growing middle class to supply protein products in their diets at low costs to their consumers,” the letter read.