I was at an art festival in my home town of Cullman, Alabama last weekend where my niece, Crystal, had a booth.

She impressed me with not only her artistic talents, but her technological skills. She was taking payments on her iphone with a device called the square.

I thought this would be a great technology to help farmers who sell directly to consumers increase their sales. The square allowed her take payment with all major cards and debit cards as a credit card.

There are a few other mobile credit-card processors to consider:

GoPayment (888-486-9795) www.gopayment.com

Phone Swipe (877-957-9473) www.phoneswipe.com

Square www.squareup.com

After watching farmers’ frustration at Magnolia Farmers Market in Douglas trying to use the government issue food stamp device, I was very impressed on how simple and easy the square was to use.

It can be used with smart phones or ipads with next day deposits into your bank account. The device is free and the cost is 2.75 percent of each sale.

There are several great options such as paperless receipts sent to the consumer.

The credit card and payment information is sent directly to the processing center and not stored on the phone.

I would encourage any farmers who want to increase their sales to check out these websites.