A delegation of American Farm Bureau Federation leaders was in Panama and Colombia last week to show support for pending U.S. trade agreements with each of the countries.

The trip coincides with the organization’s efforts to enact the Panama, Colombia and Korea free trade agreements as quickly as possible.

“These agreements have languished for far too long and need to be passed as soon as possible,” said AFBF President Bob Stallman, who led the group of Farm Bureau leaders. “It’s significant that we’re able to demonstrate our support for these agreements face-to-face with Panamanian and Colombian agriculture leaders and producers.”

The delegation met with government representatives, U.S. embassy officials, agriculture leaders and producers in Panama and Colombia to reinforce AFBF’s support for the FTAs.

Passing the Panama, Colombia and Korea trade deals this year is a priority for Farm Bureau. While the agreements sit in Washington awaiting passage, U.S. farmers are losing market share to other countries. Passage of these agreements will restore U.S. competitiveness in these markets.

Further, the three agreements combined represent nearly $3 billion dollars worth of additional agricultural exports.

“Passing the Panama, Colombia and Korea free trade agreements as soon as possible is vital to U.S. agriculture’s competitiveness in the global market,” said Stallman. “We have left these agreements sitting on the table for far too long. The administration should immediately send the agreements to Congress to take immediate action.”