The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture plans to show off its expertise in biofuels production and processing research at a new, two-day field day event geared for farmers, industry representatives, and the general public.

Day One, Oct. 25, is organized as a traditional field day and will be held at Color Wheel Farm in Monroe County.

Owners Brad and Kim Black, recipients of the 2010 Tennessee Farmer of the Year Award, are participants in the University’s switchgrass production program. They have agreed to open their beautiful east Tennessee farm and its 183 acres of established switchgrass to field day visitors.

The second day of the event will be on the site of the new Tennessee Biomass Innovation Park operated by UT partner and field day co-sponsor Genera Energy, LLC.

Each day will operate independently. Attendees are welcome to attend either day, or both days.

During the first day of the event visitors will be introduced to switchgrass production methods and will have an opportunity to review and compare varieties, including improved varieties from field day sponsor and energy crop company, Ceres, Inc.

Crop harvesting and transportation logistics and other aspects of biomass production will also be featured.

In-field equipment demonstrations are scheduled, weather permitting.

Attendees should gain first-hand knowledge that will position them to capitalize on the developing industry.