What county agents say about current crop conditions:

“As of right now, this is excellent weather for all crops. Corn, cotton and soybeans are in great condition, as well as pastures and beef cattle. We should have a good harvest this fall.” — J.C. Dupree, Jr Lauderdale County.

“The farmers in Fayette Co. did some spraying this week but wet conditions kept many out of the fields. We are getting flushes of weeds and insects. Hay producers need a break in the weather to cut and bale hay.” — Jeffery D. Via, Fayette County.

“The rain this week is helping with grain size in the corn, and wheat and beans continue to grow rapidly. Plant bugs are still the big pest in cotton, with stink bugs coming in a close second. It seems like each week we are still fighting the plant bugs even after spraying. Pastures benefited from the rain to help with the re-growth and cattle are still looking pretty good. We need some DD-60′s this coming week to help the row crops.” — Jake Mallard, Madison County.

“Giles County continues to receive rain each week with another inch predicted this week. Many producers with an irrigation system have only used it once or twice this summer.” — Kevin Rose, Giles County.

“Our barns are full and we are stacking hay outside. Pastures are great and corn is probably looking better than we thought a month ago. It’s hard to get hay baled due to the rains.” — Larry Moorehead, Moore County.

“Tobacco has turned around from a month ago. Water damaged tobacco is stunted but is looking much better. Pasture weeds are thriving due to all the rain, herbicides being applied. Other crops look good.” — Jason Evitts, Trousdale County  

For more information on Tennessee row crops, go to http://news.utcrops.com/