In Washington County, Fla., peanut grades were well below average in comparison to previous years. Some growers in Columbia County irrigated their peanut fields in order to dig due to the ground being too dry. Cotton picking remained active across the Panhandle.

Dry weather allowed most field activities to progress in Florida. In Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, growers have delayed planting fall vegetables because the ground was too dry.

Cooler evening temperatures delayed the crop maturity by about two weeks for cucumbers in central and southern Peninsula areas, while producers in the Hastings area continued to plant cabbage.

Light harvesting of bell peppers, eggplant and snap beans was under way. Tomato harvesting in the central Peninsula areas was expected to begin shortly. Producers marketed avocados, cucumbers, okra, squash and tomatoes.

In Alabama, extreme drought was identified in Geneva and parts of Houston counties as conditions worsened for the state. It was reported that soils in the area were too hard to prepare for planting fall crops.

In Alabama’s St. Clair County, it was reported that wheat for winter grazing was not seeded because there was not any topsoil moisture to germinate the seed. In other areas of the state, winter wheat already had been seeded but had not germinated due to a lack of moisture.

In Lauderdale County, the dry weather has been good for fall harvest but reported yields on harvested soybeans were disappointing.

In many areas of Alabama, pastures and livestock were in dire need of rainfall.

In Georgia meanwhile, a few scattered showers did little to help relieve drought conditions. Soil moisture conditions were rated at 35 percent very short, 48 percent short, 16 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus.

Over three-quarters of the Georgia soybean crop had dropped leaves in late October and harvest was at about 20 percent. Nearly half of the sorghum had been harvested for grain, and almost half of the cotton had been harvested. Winter wheat planting was moving ahead slowly. More than three-quarters of peanuts had been dug and two-thirds had been harvested by late October.