Have you ever sat at the table after a long day of hard work on the farm and wished you could get more profit for the time and money that you have invested into your operation?

I would say that nearly everyone could answer that question with a yes.

There are many tools that exist to help to you become more efficient but you can only get so efficient.

Let’s take a look at a different way of thinking, and see if we can increase our profit by adding value to the operation in different ways. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways. 

Thinking about how you market the existing products you produce is one place to start. Direct marketing to consumers can put more money in your pocket. However, it does take a different mindset than delivering your crop to the local elevator or livestock to the sale barn.

Direct marketing through farmers’ markets, roadside stand, on-farm stores or community supported agriculture (CSA) business models may be options for some products produced on the farm.

Research on consumer trends clearly shows that consumers desire to purchase locally grown or produced foods. Think about what you can produce that consumers are looking for.

Differentiating your product as something special or unique is helpful in capturing the local consumer market. There is increasing demand for grass-fed or pastured raised meat and poultry.

You may be already doing some of these things, but you may just need to portray the right image to attract customers.