The world will need to double food production to meet population demand in the next 40 years. Many areas of the world won’t be able to meet this challenge. Of existing farmland, poor soils and climate, political instability or government meddling combine to limit the new food that must be grown.

With our ability to feed the world comes the moral imperative to do so. We can’t turn our backs on hungry people and nations when we can provide the food they need.

Can we expand our agrarian economy?

Georgia is lucky. From north to south, Georgia’s soils are good for growing food. We have abundant sunlight to promote plant growth. Even when we have severe drought, we still have more rainfall and available irrigation water than most places on Earth. We have more and higher-quality water than most other important growing regions.

Not only can we produce food and fiber here, we can ship it to the rest of the world. The recent increases in poultry exports are just one example. Our ability to supply the world market will dramatically improve.