Looking for a reliable place to find all information related to pigs, pork and hog production?

eXtension has a solution. It has just launched the “Hogs, Pigs and Pork” resource area at http://www.extension.org/swine. This vast online library offers material on:

• Production and management systems,

• Business management, marketing and human resources,

• Swine health and nutrition;

• Animal behavior and welfare issues;

• Breeding, genetics and reproduction;

• Facilities and equipment;

• Environmental stewardship;

• Pork quality;

• Pork safety;

• Youth projects;

• Statistics;

• Worker health and safety;

• Niche production;

• Consumer issues.

The site has research-based information for pork producers, veterinarians, agribusiness professionals, educators, students, consumers of pork — and anyone with an interest in hogs, pigs and pork. eXtension (pronounced e-extension), a part of Cooperative Extension, is an interactive learning environment delivering researched knowledge from land-grant university researchers and educators across the U.S. eXtension connects people seeking information with the experts who know their subject matter inside out.