The Expo has an expansivedisplay of pickup and automotive exhibits. You’ll be able to test drive the new 2014 Chevy Silverado at the Chevy test track. Formerly in-the-field demos, the truck test track has been relocated to C-14 in the exhibit grounds adjacent to the Chevy static exhibit.

Also, be sure to register to win a prize pickup from Chevy, GMC or Ram Trucks that will be given away to some lucky visitor. The Expo will also have a drawing for the main gate prize, so be sure to register in front of the Expo water tower for the chance to win a new lawn tractor from Massey Ferguson.

Among in-the-field demos, John Deere will offer test drives for its Gator line of all terrain vehicles. Titan Tire will offer a brand new test track that will showcase some of the unique tire configurations used by growers in order to overcome field challenges for their applications. You can also test drive Honda ATVs (B-14) and Yamaha ATVs (A-10). 

Among the changes you’ll see on the exhibit grounds, T-L Irrigation will open a new permanent exhibit building (location C-2).

The RFD television network will be one of the new Expo exhibitors (A-10), with a 53-foot bus and entertainer Kevin Sport. Kevin hosts as well as performs on a show called The Right Place.The show is an entertaining and encouraging mix of interviews of and performances by country music artists and gives its television audience an opportunity to see seasoned artists as well as the up-and-coming.

The family living exhibits will return with another strong lineup, including the popular Kitchen Craft cooking demonstrations. Kitchen Craft will have a prize drawing for a free set of cookware on Thursday at 1 p.m.

The Family Living building, located to your left as you enter the main gate, will once again host Backyard Gardening seminars throughout each day of the show. Packer Produce, a firm located at the State Farmer’s Market in Moultrie, will be one of the new exhibitors in the Family Living building. They’ll feature a “Taste of Georgia” and offer a wide variety of edible souvenirs in an exhibit that will be like a mini farmer’s market.