This year marks the 36th anniversary of farm-related innovation and education for the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition.

If you are involved in agriculture, make your plans to attend this eventful three-day celebration, to be held Oct. 15-17, near Moultrie, Ga.

The Sunbelt Expo is North America’s Premier Farm Show, offering some 300 seminars and demonstrations during the three days that will appeal to farm families and rural enthusiasts. This year’s show will have more than 1,200 exhibits, many of them featuring cutting-edge farm production technology.

Harvesting and tillage demonstrations set the Expo apart from other static agricultural trade shows. This year, you’ll see a major change in the operation of the shuttle wagons that take visitors to the crop fields. For the first time, you’ll be able to take a shuttle ride to specific locations.

For instance, if you want to see cotton harvesting, there will be designated shuttle wagons for that route. Or if you want to see hay harvesting, you can take a shuttle that will go directly to the hay fields. The same is true for peanut harvesting. The change this year will allow you to save time in getting to and from the field demonstrations that are most important for your farming operation.

This year’s Expo will feature corn and soybean harvesting demonstrations for the first time in many years. Corn and soybean harvesting were popular during the early years of Expo, but as acreage of these crops declined, these demonstrations were dropped from the field demonstration schedule.

Higher prices in recent years for both corn and soybeans and an accompanying increase in bean and corn acreage in the Southeast have helped to convince major equipment manufacturers to show off their newest grain combines during the 2013 Expo.