NCBA members approved a resolution to address the bankruptcy of Eastern Livestock. The membership directed NCBA staff to work aggressively with members of Congress and appropriate federal agencies to immediately make funds available at low interest or no interest to assist producers and firms that were directly impacted.

NCBA sent letters to the USDA and the Small Business Administration in December regarding assistance to producers and firms financially impacted by the Eastern issue. To-date, USDA has not responded to the letter or offered financial assistance to producers.

According to Colin Woodall, NCBA vice-president of government affairs, NCBA members also directed his team in Washington to work with the relevant congressional committees to ask for a congressional oversight hearing into the USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration’s audits and bonding of all cattle auction markets and dealers.

Woodall said the current federal laws and regulations and the judiciary’s interpretation of the federal grazing permit administration have created a malfunctioning system that allows radical environmental groups to stymie on-the-ground management. He said many NCBA members depend on federal lands to graze their livestock and make a living for their families. Woodall said NCBA is committed to pushing for a common sense approach to the management of public lands.

“This is the bread and butter of our organization. This is truly where the magic happens so-to-speak,” Woodall said. “Our members take the time away from their operations and their families to travel here and debate important issues affecting the U.S. beef cattle industry. They then put it on paper. When we are fighting for U.S. cattlemen and women in Washington, D.C., we use these policy positions as our roadmap.”

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