The dairy industry in the South remains a major economic boost for the region.

And the Sunbelt Ag Expo dairy exhibit continues to draw big crowds each year that want to watch, hear and feel how dairy products get to refrigerators and freezers across the country.

The Expo dairy exhibits will be found once again for the fourth consecutive year in their permanent exhibit building located at block F-7 in the exhibit grounds.

Outside dairy exhibits featuring silage wagons, feed wagons, manure spreaders and similar equipment will be found nearby at location F-6A of the exhibit grounds.

The dairy exhibit is a big draw for children and students who come to Expo. The Mobile Dairy Classroom is sponsored by the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk and has been a popular Expo attraction since 2003.

Nicole Karstedt coordinates the mobile dairy. She’ll be there, too (with the lactating cow) daily with four presentations at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. each day of the show.

Karstedt spends most of her time taking her trailer and the dairy cow to elementary schools throughout Georgia to introduce students to dairy science. Georgia dairy farmers pay for her travel and the educational programs she offers on the importance of drinking milk and consuming other dairy products.

Expo visitors will receive the same information on the importance of the dairy industry that she imparts to students in schools throughout the state.

The mobile classroom is a hands-on history lesson for children who visit the Expo. They can see how to milk cows by hand and how cows are hooked up to modern milking machines used on modern dairies today.

Over the years, Karstedt has become an expert in explaining to children that milk does not come from grocery stores, but rather from the cows on the farms of dairy producers.

Children who visit the Expo dairy exhibit will get to pet the dairy calves, too.