As you may already know, the Virginia Corn Board (VCB) manages and approves the allocation of corn check-off funds to eligible programs throughout the state on an annual basis.

The funds the Board allocates for annual projects are provided through a one cent per bushel check-off on corn grown in Virginia, collected by the buyer at the first point of sale. The check-off assessment is collected only on corn that is sold by the producer.

Livestock producers that utilize their on farm-produced corn are not subject to the check-off.

The Corn Board members are gubernatorial appointees normally selected from nominations provided by organizations representing corn producers (such as VGPA). The Board consists of seven producer representatives, plus one seedsman, processor, country buyer, and exporter.

The current Board membership includes:

• L. Wayne Kirby,Chair (Area IV Producer);

• Gerry Underwood, Vice-Chair (Exporter);

• David Coleman (Country Buyer);

• William C. "Sparky" Crossman, III (Area III Producer);

• Virginia P. Barnes (Seedsman);

• Heath Bray (Processor);

• Wallick Harding (Area VI Producer);

• L. Hayden Eicher (Area V Producer);

• G. Henry Goodrich (Area II Producer);

• W. Lyle Pugh Jr. (Area I Producer);

• Wesley S. Marshall (Area VII Producer);

• Phil Hickman, Program Director;

For 2012, the Corn Board has approved funding for a total of eleven projects from around the state aimed at improving the production, science, marketing, and public opinion of Virginia corn.

The total funding dollars for these projects amounts to $348,052. On Dec. 4, 2012 the funding recipients will present the results and findings of their projects to the Corn Board for their review.

Below is a brief summary of the approved projects for 2012. For further information, please contact Phil Hickman, Program Director 804-371-6157.

Systems for Control of Broadleaf Weeds & Troublesome Grasses in CornHenry Wilson

This research will be conducted on the Eastern Shore to investigate herbicide programs for control of Texas panicum and broadleaf signal grass. The study will also investigate new postemergence herbicides in non-transgenic corn to see if good control can be achieved at lower production costs.

Increasing Corn Productivity in Virginia Mark S. Reiter

The overall objective of this project is to purchase a corn head for a new plot combine to be used in Extension projects across the Commonwealth.

On-Farm Evaluation of Corn Production StrategiesKeith Balderson

This project will involve installation of on-farm research and demonstration plots that aim to help farmers develop management systems that give economically viable yields and minimize negative environmental effects.

Education ProgramOzzie Abaye

The Program will give students a strong background in crop analysis, specifically plant and seed identifications, seed analysis and commercial grain grading.

Survey of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys, and Injury to Post-Emergence Corn and Kernels at harvest in Eastern Va.,, and Survey of Sugarcane Beetle, Eutheola Regiceps, Injury to Corn Seedlings in Eastern VA — Roger Youngman

The survey will focus on brown marmorated stink bug damage to corn seedlings and kernels harvested in Essex County. The study will also survey viability of two commercially available insecticide treatments, and make all findings available in the VCE Pest Management Guide for 2013