Kenny Imel, a 37-year farming veteran and first generation horticulturalist, manages a greenhouse nursery of ferns, mums, hanging baskets and specialty pots on his 129-acre farm in Greenup. He also raises cattle and mixed grass hay, and operates a successful agritourism business that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Imel started farming when he was just 14 years old, inspired by an FFA project that introduced him to raising cattle, hogs and produce. As he moved into full-time farming, Imel also raised field crops, chicken, and hogs, but he eventually focused his efforts on greenhouse, cattle and hay production and added agritourism features as a way to continue growing his farm.

Imel has served on the Greenup County Farm Bureau board of directors since the early 1980’s, including four terms as its president and vice president, is presently a member of the KFB Certified Roadside Market Advisory Committee and the state Horticulture Committee.

Imel volunteers much of his remaining time to assist local industry clubs and other civic organizations.