Corn producers made the most of the four days of planting weather last week, but still lag behind where they would like to be as the week of April 21 ended.

Planting is about a week behind the five-year average pace.

Cotton and soybean plantings have yet to begin, but that is not unusual for this time of year.

The wheat acreage has been top-dressed and was reported in good-to-excellent condition with the crop just starting to head.

Cattle and pastures were also rated in good-to-excellent condition.

This last week strawberry growers revealed that prospects are very good for a plentiful and good quality crop. Fertilizer and fungicide application also took place last week.

Topsoil moisture levels were rated 1 percent short, 60 percent adequate and 39 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture levels were rated 2 percent short, 74 percent adequate and 24 percent surplus.

Temperatures averaged near normal. Rainfall averaged above normal, except in Middle Tennessee where the average was near normal.

County agent comments

“Corn planting progressed well this week with producers seeking out fields dry enough to plant. Wheat continues to look very good and is progressing well. Majority of wheat acres is jointed with a few lagging behind but will catch up fast with this week's 80 degree temperatures. A few isolated wheat acres are already at flag leaf stage, but many other acres will be at that stage soon. Insect activity in wheat is light to none at this date. We are approaching time window to be watching for leaf diseases and potential rust in current wheat crop in order to make preparations for any fungicide sprays.”

Tim Campbell, Dyer County

“Corn planting finally began last week only to be halted due to rains and cool temperatures. With rain in this week’s forecast, corn planting will be sporadic. Wheat is in good condition and is growing well, have not seen any heading as of yet. Pastures and beef cattle are in good shape.” J.C. Dupree, Lauderdale County