Responding to a proposed amendment to the House Continuing Resolution that would eliminate funding for the EPA to implement the move to E15 ethanol blends offered by Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK), the Renewable Fuels Association released the following statement:

"America needs to tighten its belt, but it should not come at the expense of our energy security. Preventing EPA from implementing its approval of E15 for cars, pickups and SUVs made in model year 2001 and newer only means America remains addicted to foreign oil.

EPA and DOE have done extensive testing and found E15 to be a safe and effective fuel for use in the vehicles approved in the waiver. No evidence to date has shown E15 to cause problems in any vehicle, regardless of its vintage. 

This amendment seems more about political science than physical science, and would only serve to slow the evolution of America's domestic ethanol industry and strengthen the stranglehold oil has on the nation's economy and energy future."