The winter has been mild and the wheat has continued to grow and for the fields that were planted a bit early there is more than normal growth.

Some of these fields are showing some nitrogne deficiency, but the plants have enough tillers. So some of the questions include: Do I need to apply nitrogen a bit early to take care of the yellowing beginning to show?

One does not want to apply nitrogen early on these fields and cause them to accelerate their development. This would increase the changes of freeze damage down the road.

I think early nitrogen would be a mistake under almost any conditions this season.

We still have plenty of time to develop some tillers if they are needed. Generally, wheat in these fields have plenty of tillers and plants were a little nitrogen deficient.

This is right where the crop should be to slow down the development a bit and protect it from some of the very cold temperatures that might be yet to come.

At normal green up I would recommend a minimum nitrogen to protect the wheat crop from any accelerated development beyond the normal time and put most of the nitrogen on at Feekes 6.

This recommendation would be especially needed for no-till wheat.