This time of year, some wheat farmers may be wondering what kind of yields they will end up with. Doing a wheat yield estimate is relatively simple to do. All you will need is a tape measure, a pen and pad and a calculator.

Yield estimates April 11 from Jackson County, Fla., looked very promising, with yields estimated at 84 bushels per acre and 70 bushels per acre at two different farms.

To begin to estimate wheat yield, randomly select at least 5 spots in a field to be averaged for taking measurements. At each spot, count the number of harvestable heads from 5 foot of row. From that same spot, count the number of kernels on at least 5 heads and take the average. Normally, there are between 18-26 kernels per head. Finally determine the distance in inches between rows.

To calculate yield in bushels per acre, use the formula below:

Yield = [(Heads per 5 ft. x Kernels per Head) ÷ Row Spacing] x 0.48

For more information on estimating wheat yield, see the publication “Estimating Winter Wheat Grain Yields.”

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