The Virginia Grain Producers Association (VGPA) announces two additions to the organization’s staff, including Patrick Cushing, who assumes the role of executive director.

VGPA is excited to once again provide for Virginia’s grain producers and industry a top-notch, well-qualified, motivated staff eager to tackle the issues facing today’s grain farms. 

Dedicated to tackling the tough issues that face today’s grain farmers like the Chesapeake Bay TMDL or pesticide application permitting, VGPA will continue to bring value to the industry and Virginia’s grain farmers. 

Also joining VGPA as Communications Director is Ben Rowe. Patrick and Ben come to VGPA through the Alliance Group based in Richmond, Va. 

Patrick Cushing is an attorney and brings a wealth of knowledge of Virginia’s legislative process and issues. Having worked with Virginia’s wine industry and Virginia’s Legislative Services, Patrick offers an unprecedented level of representation and policy development to the VGPA. 

Patrick will assume all Executive Director duties including policy work, industry representation and association management. 

Ben Rowe, also with Alliance Group, will serve as VGPA Communications Director. Ben will work in coordination with Patrick to provide regular updates, website, and communications between the VGPA, producers, legislators and our industry. 

Patrick and the new VGPA team may be contacted via the below information.

To learn more about VGPA or to join, please visit

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