West Sixth Brewing Company and Country Boy Brewing, both in Lexington, Ky., have concocted a special beer infused with sorghum from Townsend Sorghum Mill, which is owned and operated by Danny Townsend, a Vietnam veteran and founding member of Homegrown by Heroes and Appalachia Proud.

The brown ale beer, dubbed “Country Western Volume 2,” is aged two months in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

"From the beginning, West Sixth has been about not just creating great beer, but also being a contributing member of our community. We view supporting our local farmers as a key component of that -- including using local ingredients, like Townsend sorghum, whenever possible," West Sixth co-founder Ben Self said in statement released by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

“Last year, Country Western was a huge hit for Lexington Craft Beer Week and sold out in just a few days,” Country Boy founder Daniel Harrison said. “This year, we’re going to make it even bigger by having it not only on draft but also available in a can.”

“This partnership has produced a unique product that is more valuable than the sum of its parts,” Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said. “I’m especially pleased that they were able to involve our friend Danny Townsend to create truly a one-of-a-kind Homegrown by Heroes product. When Kentucky Proud members work together to add value to their products, everyone wins.”

The Homegrown by Heroes campaign looks to provide Kentucky farmers who served in the military distinctive marketing and branding power to their locally grown and raised agriculture products at the point of sale.