Grain farmers are searching for new corn uses now that ethanol production is waning.

Current low prices are encouraging end users to seek ways to add value to corn, which is now below production costs for most growers.


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What about hogs? For the 2013/14 corn marketing year, hogs are offering an estimated $6.85 per bushel if the profits from hog production are assigned to the value of corn.

Livestock were historically the way to add value to abundant corn supplies on Midwest farms. During the first-half of the 1800s what is now the Eastern Corn Belt became the center of hog production. Cincinnati was nicknamed Porkopolis in 1835.

By the end of the Civil War in 1865, public monies were being used to open terminal markets farther west with the Chicago Union Stockyards becoming the most famous.

The center of the hog industry continued to move further west to Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska in the past 50 years.