East Coast Erosion Control, which manufactures erosion and sediment control products from a facility in Lake City, is looking to purchase more South Carolina-grown straw for use in the company’s straw blankets.

Currently, East Coast is the only erosion control products manufacturer that produces Certified SC Grown erosion blankets.

This year, the plant in Lake City is celebrating its 5th Anniversary.

Wheat straw is an integral, coverage-providing component in many erosion control blankets. These materials are used across numerous sectors, such as road building and housing development, for the protection of soils, establishment of vegetation, and environmental compliance. Oat straw may also be accepted.

East Coast is looking for wheat straw that has been cut by combines with straw walkers, rotary, or axle-flow; has less than 15 percent moisture, and which meets the company’s minimum length requirement. The price per ton being offered for qualified straw is $85 straight from the field and delivered to Lake City, S.C. First come, first served.

Interested farmers should contract Mark Hancock for more information at 843-374-4831. For more information about the erosion control products that utilize straw wheat, visit http://www.eastcoasterosion.com.