As I mentioned in a previous article, Finesse is a good option to take out volunteer Roundup Ready corn before wheat planting. 

(See Options available for controlling volunteer corn in front of wheat).

Moreover, many will likely want to use Finesse pre in wheat for ryegrass control. Indeed Finesse is a good option for these type of weed control situations. However, please keep in mind that only STS soybeans can be planted double-crop in 2013 after a Finesse application this fall. 

Accessing a STS soybean variety could be more of a challenge in 2013 for a couple reasons. 

First overall soybean supply will likely be tight by double-crop time. This could make accessing an STS soybean variety very difficult. 

Second, many are looking to follow wheat with a Liberty Link soybean variety. I am not aware of a Liberty Link soybean that also has the STS trait.

My point is that even in years when soybean supply is more plentiful we have seen non-STS soybeans planted double-crop after a fall Finesse application. These soybeans typically show stunting and no doubt some yield loss when this happens.

A little time planning ahead now could make your wheat/DC soybean crop next spring more productive.

If you cannot line up STS soybeans now for double -crop planting, then you should consider utlizing other herbicides for weed control in wheat. Herbicides like Powerflex or Osprey can be good options for ryegrass and broadleaf weed control to replace Finesse.