Alabama farmers are gearing up to feed more people with fewer resources in the next few decades.

But, what skills will they need?

This question will be addressed at the 2013 Alabama Corn and Wheat Short Course, scheduled Dec. 16-17 at the E.V. Smith Research Center Conference Facility, located on 4725 County Road 40 in Shorter.

Brenda Ortiz, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System specialist and Auburn University assistant professor in the Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences, says this short course will essentially serve as a forum for Alabama wheat and corn producers, crop consultants, Extension agents and specialists to meet and to share key strategies for addressing these challenges.


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“Farmers are faced with increases in human populations all over the planet even as they deal with spiking fuel and related farm costs and all sorts of environmental issues,” Ortiz says.

“Farmers are being called on to rise to these challenges, and that’s the reason for this meeting — to provide them as well as crop consultants and Extension educators with a forum through which they can share and discuss these issues and identify responses.”

“We are hoping for an eye-opening, freewheeling discussion on the future of wheat and corn production in Alabama,” she says.