NAWG President Erik Younggren, farmer from Hallock, Minn. commended the Senate for moving forward with the legislation.

“This will provide policy certainty for hundreds of thousands of U.S. farmers and one in 12 American job earners who rely on agriculture.”

"This bill is about standing up for our nation's farmers, our small businesses, our manufacturers, our exporters and others whose livelihoods depend on us getting the policy right," said Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.).

In addition to reauthorizing the nation’s food and farm programs, the chamber’s version calls on the Office of Management and Budget and the Pentagon to report on how sequestration expected in January 2013 will be implemented. 

“American agriculture and those who depend on it around the globe need a farm bill” said Senate Committee on Agriculture Majority Leader Pat Roberts (R-Kan.).

“They need to know what to expect from the federal government to make planning decisions, to be assured of a safe and affordable food supply, and to know that their businesses and families will have the opportunity to thrive. I take this responsibility seriously.”

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