Risk Management Agency Administrator William J. Murphy met with apple growers in North Carolina earlier this month to discuss changes to the Apple Crop Provisions that will affect apple growers starting with the 2011 crop year.

These provisions are used to determine insurance eligibility and coverage, and claims payments if there is a crop loss.

RMA has made significant changes to the apple insurance policy crop provisions.

These include:

• Revising the definition of fresh apple production;

• Revising to allow optional units by type;

• Allowing the selection of different coverage levels for fresh and processing apples;

• Yield reduction for failing to notify insurance provider of a yield-reducing event;

• Clarifying provision language to address leaving representative samples for claims appraisals;

• Adding provisions to state any apple production not graded or appraised prior to sale or storage will be considered as production to count; and

• Revising to clarify that production to count under the Optional Coverage for Quality Adjustment will include all appraised and harvested production from all of the fresh apple acreage in the unit.