Acting Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services (FFAS) Michael Scuse announced a package of technology enhancements from the Farm Service Agency (FSA) that include Web access for handheld and smartphone users, as well as a more efficient and timely option for receiving news and critical program information.

The improvements will allow FSA information users to gain access to easy-to-read data, including key features such as loan deficiency payment rates, posted county prices, FSA news releases and AskFSA, the agency’s online self-help knowledge base.

The FSA offerings underscore USDA’s Blueprint for Stronger Service, a plan introduced in January by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that takes a realistic view of American agriculture’s needs in a challenging budget climate, and lays out USDA’s plans to modernize and accelerate service delivery while improving the customer experience through use of innovative technologies and business solutions.

Three of the 27 initial recommendations implemented by USDA focus on information technology, while other process improvements already put into place by FSA have strengthened the agency’s electronic customer service and online presence.

“As an increasing number of farmers and ranchers move to mobile devices and other high-tech tools, we need to keep pace by investing in the best possible customer service while making the best use of taxpayer resources,” Scuse said.

“The mobile website is an added convenience for farmers and ranchers and an effective, efficient way for USDA to deliver news, program information and reliable guidance on a variety of agricultural issues.

And investments in technology help USDA continue to make other, more significant investments in rural America, preserving the success of U.S. agriculture in the long-term.”

Like all websites, the FSA site is accessible through any device that connects to the Internet.