In addition to hearing Farm Bureau's priority issues, the congressmen warned of difficult financial times ahead as Congress grapples with the national debt. Chambliss said the U.S. is on on the way to financial collapse, a track similar to those experienced by Ireland, Greece and Portugal. Chambliss said those countries "are truly in dire financial straits. That's how important it is that we do something about this."

Multiple congressmen said the estate tax is unlikely to go away completely, but that the chances are good the current $5 million per person exemption with a top tax rate of 35 percent would be made permanent. 

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-3rd Dist.) said the federal approach to immigration reform would not change under the current administration. He said the borders need to be sealed and the identification process improved.

The GFB delegation presented Friend of Farm Bureau awards to Senators Chambliss and Isakson, Rep. Phil Gingrey, Rep. Jack Kingston, and Rep. John Barrow. This award, given by the American Farm Bureau Federation every two years at the end of each Congress, is based upon voting records on AFBF's priority issues established by the AFBF Board of Directors, number of bills that a member has sponsored and co-sponsored, specific leadership role for AFBF on its priority issues and how accessible and responsive that member is to Farm Bureau members and leaders.