On the heels of President Obama's call for increased ethanol production and use from a wide variety of feedstocks, Brooke Coleman, executive director of the Advanced Ethanol Council, issued the following statement:

“Advanced ethanol producers are eager to meet the goals put forward by President Obama. The entire ethanol industry welcomes his commitment to developing a thriving and diverse domestic biofuels industry. We are particularly encouraged by his recognition of the need for partnerships between public and private entities to construct the first advanced ethanol biorefineries. Similarly, we firmly support his calls for a responsible transition and transformation of current biofuel tax policy and investments in ethanol vehicle technology and fueling infrastructure.

“Challenging capital markets, economic uncertainty, and uncertain federal policy have worked to slow the commercialization of promising advanced ethanol technologies. By committing to policies that accelerate the commercial production of ethanol from a wide range of feedstocks, the nation can gain more control over its energy future. Ethanol production from wood wastes, grasses, municipal solid waste, and other non-traditional feedstocks will go a long way to making America truly independent of a need to import oil.”

On March 28, the AEC and other trade groups representing renewable energy sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to maintain support for critical loan guarantee programs. That letter can be read here.