How high can farmers push yields using precision technology and how long can they sustain land at these high production levels?

These are questions that have perplexed North Carolina Crop Consultant Steven Valencsin for many years.

Instead of wondering about the benefits of technology to agriculture, he has set about finding ways to implement advanced plant production systems through his work with Growers LLC, his Raleigh, N.C.-based crop consulting and custom applicator business.

Valencsin has literally seen agriculture from coast to coast. He spent his early years on a farm in Washington, then moved to South Dakota, and graduated from North Carolina State University’s Agriculture Institute. 

It was while working for a custom applicator as a teenager in South Dakota that he began to develop some of the strategies he now uses to help well known growers like David Hula push their crops to new yield limits.

In his first year as a crop consultant, precision applicator and sole owner of Growers LLC, Valencsin found few interested listeners to his theories about advanced plant production.

One of his first clients was David Hula, who did listen. In 2011 Hula set a world record with 427 bushels of corn per acre on his Charles City, Va., farm.

Prior to starting his current company, Valencsin was a partner in a high tech soil testing lab in Duplin County, N.C.  As part of his work in the soil testing lab, he got to know David Hula and has been working with the Virginia grower for the past three years.