Inspect and lock down electrical power supplies

Inspect each electrical box in the system from power supply to the last pivot or disconnect on the system line for damage and holes that may be accessible for rodents. Sealing small holes helps keep rodent damage to a minimum.

Both snakes and mice have even been known to crawl into electrical boxes and control panels through small holes or underground conduit with unprotected ends resulting in electrical fire and damage.

Locking down electrical power supplies helps prevent vandals from turning wells and pivots on mid-winter and minimizes potential electrical system damage. Now is an excellent time to inspect grounding, system test resistance and make repairs.

Create a winter work list for each system

While it is fresh in your memory list the improvements and repairs needed for each system. As you are inspecting and winterizing your system, add any other areas needing attention to the list of repairs needed. Assign the repair to someone, whether it is your people or the local irrigation dealer repair crew, the sooner it gets into the plan the better and more efficient it can be.