Welcome to the business class of farming!

New Holland has introduced the new T5 Series tractors, which are ready to redefine utility tractor standards for mixed farmers with diversified livestock and crop operations.

The T5.95, T5.105 and T5.115 offer engine powers between 98 to 115 engine horsepower.

"The new T5 Series is set to become the choice for professional, mixed farmers," says Michael Cornman, New Holland Dairy and Livestock Marketing Segment Leader. "Today's T5 offers outstanding visibility, ergonomic controls, an ultra-comfortable cab and segment leading performance."

Operator productivity coincides with comfort. The T5 Series was created to provide operators with maximum comfort for long days in the fields. The new VisionViewTcab has been designed to offer unparalleled ergonomic excellence.

All controls fall perfectly to hand for operators of all shapes and sizes. The most frequently used controls, including the acclaimed electronic draft control (EDC) mouse, PTO speed selection and hydraulic remote levers, among others, have been placed to the right of the operator on the ergonomic CommandArc console to reduce fatigue and increase implement precision. 

An optional dedicated bracket for monitors can be mounted just above the CommandArc, directly in the operator's line of sight for improved safety and comfort.

A dedicated foot pedal to adjust the position of the steering column is located on the floor between the clutch and brake pedals. This pedal provides operators with a comfortable driving position and an unobstructed view of the easy-to-read instrument cluster.

The optional high-visibility roof panel provides a perfect view of a loader throughout its entire operating range, even at maximum height. The cab roof incorporates a narrow roof to provide operators with maximum visibility.

The curved opening rear side windows offer a clear line of sight and protection from dust when operating an implement such as a New Holland Roll-Belt round baler.

The exhaust muffler is in line with the A-pillar, which significantly enhances visibility for a perfect view of the inner tire wall. This enhanced visibility is ideal when working in narrow row-crop applications.

An all-new dual-zone air conditioning system features 10 individually positionable vents that deliver even flow for total body comfort, thanks to dual-zone technology.

The B-pillar mounted controls can be intuitively adjusted while on the move. Natural ventilation has been further enhanced courtesy of the side opening windows and optional front and rear windscreens.

The T5 Series is fitted with new 3.4 liter Common Rail, turbocharged F5C engines developed by FPT Industrial. These engines feature Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology for Tier 4A compliance and develop between 98 and 115 engine horsepower.