“The design is unique to Claas and an industry exclusive. It not only enables the rear axle to pivot, but also gives a swing motion for enhanced turning capability and efficiency You get more oscillation and a tighter, more efficient turning radius,” Gray said.

In line with the automation and ease of use of the Lexion 780, the all-wheel drive Power Trac is engaged by the press of a button. The powerful, yet fuel efficient drive capitalizes on a second hydrostatic drive on the rear axle; additional traction can be employed and intelligent control technology can be engaged while on the move.

Claas has also focused on improving Telematics and utilizing sensors and monitors to optimize performance in the field. CEMOS (Claas Electronic Machine Optimization System) technology, a dialogue-based system that allows the operator to establish the correct situation settings, has become automated in the new Lexion 780 series.

CEMOS has reached a second stage and is now self-setting for the various situations an operator may encounter.

A new header drive also provides for improved fuel conservation. The drive is capable of a constant output of 107 horsepower, and a variable output of up to 268 horsepower. Maximum power can be reached and the right drive can be attained for every application.

Another Claas patent is the pre-accelerator in the APS threshing system. Ensuring quality and protecting against overloading are pinnacle components of the system.

A closed threshing drum facilitates crop flow and gentle handling within the combine. Parallel concave controls and dis-awning plates give the operator further control over threshing performance; the advanced control allows for protection from damaging objects during harvest.

A 29.2 foot auger adds to the unloading capacity of the Lexion 780. The 4XL grain auger is capable of an unloading rate of up to 3.8 bushels per second. Coupled with the new auger is the Profi Cam, which is positioned to monitor the unloading process and residue management system performance.

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