Visitors to the Ag Connect Conference were among the first to witness a special unveiling of the new Lexion 780 combine from Claas.

The state-of-the-art combine is headlined by greater functionality, featuring a Dynamic Cooling system, 4-link rear axle and newly automated CEMOS technology.

 “This will be the top-end model, what we call Class 10 as the largest combines, capable of operating with those large headers. It is the next step in Lexion combines,” said Jeff Gray, product coordinator of Claas of North America.

The trademark of the new Lexion 780 combine is a higher horsepower motor that is cooled via the Dynamic Cooling system. Along with the engine upgrades is a fuel efficient, 16L Mercedes-Benz diesel engine that complies with Tier 4i emission standards.

“The new engine on the Lexion 780 produces 543 horsepower with a bulge that increases total power output to 590 horsepower,” Gray said. “To support the higher horsepower engine, Claas integrated a new cooling system, which we call Dynamic Cooling. It enhances cooling for larger engines with larger horsepower demands.”

Placed horizontally behind the engine, the 63-inch rotating screen is able to consistently draw in clean air from the top of the combine, as opposed to being placed on the sides. A variable fan drive helps conserve power by adjusting speed automatically, depending on the level of cooling needed.

The cooling system also maintains a barrier against dust and debris. Air that is expelled from the motor through side cooling vents creates a “curtain effect”; this method of dispersing air prevents debris buildup on the radiator.

Suspension and stability were also enhanced with a 4-link rear axle. The patented Claas design allows for increased mobility with tires up to 67.3 inches high. The 4-link axle also features lateral movement and allows for more flexibility and a smaller turning radius.