Since the applicator has 2 spray tips you want to get a tip that applies 0.025 gallons per minute since you will be using 2 tips at the pickup head of the baler. 

Remember to take into account the specific gravity since the preservative is slightly heavier than water. In my example the specific gravity factor is 1.06 (0.0025 x 1.06=0.027 gallons per minute).

I would recommend having another pair of tips that applies 0.05 gallons per minute each so you can put them in if the hay moisture is above 22 percent and you need to double your preservative rate to 8 pounds per ton.

Calculating Preservative Tips for Small Square Baler


Your Numbers

Number of small bales in 3 minutes



Average Bale Weight



Tons Per Hour (Bales in 3 minutes X 20 X Bale Weight/2000) (3 X 20 X 45 / 2000 = 6.75)



Desire Preservation Rate (#/ton)



Pounds of Preservative per Hour (Preservative Rate X Tons per Hour) (4 X 6.75 = 27)



Gallons of Preservative per Hour (Pounds of Preservative per Hour / weight of 1 gallon of Preservative) (27 / 9 = 3)



Flow Rate of Preservative in Gallons per Minute (Gallons of Preservative per Hour / 60) (3 / 60 = 0.05)



Flow Rate per Nozzle (Gallons per minute / number of tips) (0.05 / 2 = 0.025)



Adjust for Specific Gravity (Gallons per minute X specific gravity factor) (0.025 X 1.06 = 0.027



Flow Rate Needed per Tip






I know it is more money to spend, but it may be an investment that pays for itself the first year you install it on the baler. This is something you could do this week, since it doesn’t look like hay making weather!

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