The weather was grim but the turnout was great at the Southern Farm Show Feb 5, 6 and 7 in Raleigh, N.C., with farmers―mostly from the Carolinas and Virginia―coming to see what is available in 2014 to help them produce farm commodities.

There was good traffic every day at the MarCo Manufacturing display, CEO Tom Pharr said.

"We had a good show, and I was pleased at the positive attitude toward purchases,” said Pharr, whose company makes tobacco harvesters.

There was a very positive attitude among farmers at the show, said Bob Pope of Long Tobacco Barn Co., Tarboro, N.C. “I see a lot of enthusiasm among tobacco farmers. We seem to have reached the point where cured leaf is selling high enough that farmers can justify investments in infrastructure.”

For instance, he is seeing farmers with rack barns now making the leap to new big box barns. One factor could affect all this, he said: Propane’s price has gone up significantly in the six weeks before the show, driving farmer's to consider buying more fuel-efficient barns.