The dividers are now made with roto-molded material for rugged durability. This material withstands harsh treatment and bounces back to its original shape. The plastic has grooves to direct loose kernels to the front of the combine, and also has replaceable wear strips in the high wear areas of the points and the islands.

A single, heavy-duty row unit (used on both chopping and non-chopping corn head configurations) substantially improves the durability of the header, while increased reliability of the driveline components leads to less downtime and higher operation efficiency.

The frame of the 980 Series corn head is available in both rigid and folding configurations. The 980CF corn head can be ordered with a folding frame in a 12-row configuration. This allows the operator to fold the head from inside the combine, drive to the next field, unfold the header from the comfort of the cab, and then continue the harvest. Folded width is 16.2 feet.

 “One operator, no trailer, no tow vehicle, no need to get out of the seat, now that’s New Holland Smart,” says Mackenzie.

For operators who choose to move the header on a trailer, the 980CR corn header has a fully rigid frame and is available in 6-, 8-, and 12-row configurations.

To help reduce operator fatigue while working long hours during the harvest, the new corn headers can be equipped with row guidance. Working with the combine’s IntelliSteer auto-guidance system, sensors are mounted in the center plastic point with feelers that rub against the corn rows.

The Cornrower, winner of an AE50 Award presented by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, is an add-on attachment that fits on a New Holland 980 Series, 900 Series or 99C chopping corn head with no modification of the header. It provides a unique system that provides options for corn stover harvest that are currently unavailable with other systems.

The Cornrower system works by catching the stover under the stalk rolls, preventing stover from contacting the soil while chopping it into small pieces. Labor to windrow the stover is eliminated since the Cornrower makes the windrow on the same pass as corn is harvested. In addition to enhancing stover quality, fuel use, labor costs and equipment capital requirements are all reduced compared to other systems of corn stover harvest

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