For Model Year 2014, New Holland is introducing the new 980 Seriescorn heads and the Cornrower chopping corn head attachment.

The new 980 Series corn heads are designed to match the capacity and productivity of New Holland CR Series Twin Rotor and CX8000 Elevation Super Conventional combines.

The Cornrower chopping corn head attachment provides options for corn stover harvest unavailable with other systems.

“At New Holland, we understand the importance of corn to North American farmers, and we are committed to offering industry-leading harvesting solutions,” says New Holland Combine Marketing Manager Nigel Mackenzie.

“In addition to providing a valuable source of food, the corn crop is also an important element in the growing ethanol and cellulosic ethanol industry.”

New Holland’s new 980 Series corn heads have been redesigned to deliver superior gathering and feeding performance, so the operator can work at increased ground speed and finish faster.

The dividers and islands on the corn head are designed for optimal performance. The dividers guide the corn stalk into the stalk rolls and the islands ensure the cob falls into the auger and not onto the ground.

The new, low profile dividers and island reduce the chance of knocking down corn in terraces and tight turns. They also expose the front gathering chain sprocket, dramatically improving performance when picking downed corn. The new end dividers not only improve accessibility and maintenance, they also are designed to minimize header loss in all crop conditions.