Cotton growers and ginners can increase the speed and efficiency of handling round modules with the KBH Round Module Transport Trailer. 

This unique trailer transports eight round modules, meeting legal length, width, height and weight requirements. 

“To date, this is the only trailer that can legally haul eight round modules,” says Tim Tenhet, national sales and marketing manager for The KBH Corporation. 

“Additionally, the Round Module Transport Trailer enables farmers and ginners to double the payload of a conventional module truck, thereby saving time, fuel and labor. Another benefit is the speed in which you secure the load.” 

Ginner Carter Edwards of Crockett Gin Co. in Maury City, Tenn., ran a Round Module Transport Trailer prototype last year, which he helped KBH design. “It’s a versatile trailer that you can use during the off-season to haul equipment or anything moved by a flatbed trailer,” Edwards says. “That means cost-savings compared to a module truck that you use for just a few weeks. 

“Additionally, you can haul twice as much cotton in one trip, which saves you money, especially on the longer hauls.  For example, you will have a cheaper per bale hauling cost when you use the Round Module Transport Trailer to haul bales from 15 miles and farther away.

“It’s also much less expensive than a module truck. And there’s much less upkeep, compared to a module truck that has gear boxes, chains and moving parts.”

The Round Module Transport Trailer features a 50,000-pound capacity, 53’ length x 102” width, including a 12’ long top deck (height 62”) and a 41’ bottom deck (height 36”), front headache rack, rear containment rack, removable module backstops for the non-loading side, a wooden bed, diamond tread over axles, 235/75R/17.5 tires, leaf spring suspension and ABS brakes. Optional ramps with stabilizer jacks are also available.

The Round Module Transport Trailer is one component of the KBH Round Module System; another product of the system is the Cotton Spear Round Module Handler. The Cotton Spear features four detachable alloy steel spears that pierce the round module without damaging the cotton or the protective wrap.  

“The Cotton Spear is the most effective handling device to load the Round Module Transport Trailer because you can stack the eighth module without damaging the protective wrapping on the modules beneath like you do with a forklift style handler,” Tenhet explains.  “Additionally, the Cotton Spear eliminates the chance of getting stalks into the ginning system as other handlers can do.”

For more information about the KBH Round Module System that includes the Round Module Transport Trailer and the Cotton Spear Round Module Handler, cotton growers and ginners can call 800-843-5241 or go to