With efficient, effective diesel exhaust fluid dosing that combines SCR and dual turbochargers with external-cooled EGR, these engines avoid the need for heat-generating diesel particulate filters, so they run cooler and last longer.

“With the dual turbochargers, these engines deliver more power and run as cool as our Tier 4i engines that didn’t have external-cooled EGR,” Bien says. “Farmers are going to be thrilled by the power bulge these seven-cylinder diesel engines deliver.”

• Model S88 combines are rated at 430 HP with a maximum boost of 471 HP.  

• Model S78 combines are rated at 375 HP with a maximum boost to 451 HP.

• The model S68 is powered by the AGCO Power 8.4L engine, which is rated at 322 HP with a maximum boost to 390 HP. While the S68 retains the 8.4L engine, it also is dual turbocharged and has the external cEGR. It offers the same processor as the larger machines, with a higher horsepower rating than before and a maximum power boost more than 13 percent greater than the model it replaces.

In addition to their hallmark durability and simplicity, the new Gleaner S8 Super Series combines have several new features, delivering more efficiency and keeping you in the field longer.

First, S8 models will have the new heavy-duty Dura-Guard two-speed-rotor gearbox with larger sheave and belt. Designed specifically for the S8 Series and built stout for the higher demands of the Class 8 machine, the gearbox provides a wider overlap on speeds.

This new speed range gives operators the ability to run on the high side of the low range in a lot of crops for maximum efficiency. The gearbox also features the ability to manually reverse the rotor.

To keep you in the field longer, fuel tank capacity has been increased 53 percent, from 150 to 230 gallons. The 2014 S8 models will incorporate the smaller drum straw chopper introduced on 2013 S7 models for reduced horsepower requirements as well as a high-speed feature for better residue chop.

This change, in addition to a reduction of discharge paddles on the rotor, provide better venting of the processor as well as reduced chance of separator buildup in some conditions.

All S8 models will feature Gleaner’s optional XR transmission with two-speed hydro for greater climbing ability on hills and convenient on-the-go shifting. The two-speed on-the-go shift will be done from a button on the right-hand console for improved hill-climbing performance and better acceleration on the road.

All S8 models will have a new silver-gray livery and new decals. A unique, special-edition graphite wrap on a gray chassis with chassis-gray wheels, chassis-gray roof and special S8 decaling to match also is available on a limited special order.