Gleaner has introduced the S8 Super Series combines.

Nearly 1,800 people were in attendance in Wichita, Kan., as Gleaner unveiled a full line of Tier 4 Final, Class 6 through Class 8 platforms and the industry’s first Class 8 transverse rotary combine to dealers and customers.

Launched on the Optimum Harvesting Performance platform, Gleaner’s newest combines are the culmination of design refinements that further reduce the liabilities of weight, size, fuel consumption, wear and complexity while maximizing capacity, grain quality, reliability and durability.

These attributes have been part of many of the brand’s design principles since it was introduced in 1923, and they heavily influence today’s Gleaner Super Series combines.

“Since the day we launched the Super Series, we’ve been developing the Gleaner combine platform so that all functional areas of the machine deliver optimum performance and efficiency,” says Kevin Bien, Gleaner brand marketing manager at AGCO.

“We’ve created a light, nimble combine designed so the horsepower is used to efficiently cut and thresh the crop, not to move a heavy machine or overly complex system through the field.”

Gleaner’s one-of-a kind combine platform gets its start on a unitized, welded mainframe with a low center of gravity and true centerline design. This provides the lightest, most balanced weight distribution combine in the world.

In fact, the Gleaner S88 is as much as 12,300 pounds lighter than competitive Class 8 combines, allowing the Gleaner to get through muddy fields when others will require substantially more horsepower and tracks to get through similar conditions.

The new Class 7 Gleaner S78 is as much as 8,200 pounds lighter than other Class 7 machines. Minimizing compaction is another Gleaner benefit.

 New to Gleaner are the AGCO Power 9.8L seven-cylinder engines, which will power both the S88 and S78 models. These Tier 4 Final engines combine selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and external-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (cEGR) technology to meet EPA emissions mandates.