The tractors offer 22 equipment connections, including six rear and two front double-acting hydraulic valves, rear PTO; factory-installed front and rear three-point hitches, and full ISOBUS connection.

The new 900 Series tractors ensure versatile operation and trouble-free connection for effective teamwork between the tractor and implement.

Lift capacities of the 900 Series tractors mean even heavy, rear-mounted implements for this power class can be lifted to the fullest height without trouble. The maximum rear lift capacity of is a robust 19,800 pounds, while the front tops out at a maximum lift capacity of up to 9,000 pounds.

Front-axle suspension, with leveling control, and a mechanical three-point cab suspension ensure an exceptional driving experience. For the highest level of comfort, the tractor can be equipped with pneumatic cab suspension and active seat suspension.

Available only from Fendt, the all-new Variotronic electronic control allows the operator to direct all tractor and implement controls, camera functions, operation documentation and the automatic steering system using the single Varioterminal 10.4-inch touch-screen terminal. It can display up to four applications simultaneously.

The option of fully integrated automatic steering, which reduces overlap an average of 6 percent, helps deliver a corresponding 6 percent savings in fuel and inputs such as seed and fertilizer.

Equipped with a headland management system as a standard feature, these tractors help make sure the last turn is as precise as the first.

And with the easy-to-see Varioterminal, even at night or in poor visibility conditions, operators can achieve optimum results with minimal operator fatigue and possible operating errors during a long day.

The documentation system of the Varioterminal records relevant data with a minimum of effort. Data can be transferred wirelessly from tractor to office computer and from computer to tractor as well.

Within the spacious cab, The Fendt 900 Series offers simple, ergonomic controls including Fendt’s trademark, single-joystick control of all drive functions and hydraulics.

Exceptional all-around visibility includes low lines of sight for a full view of the crop. Tinted front and side windows help offer a relaxed working environment.

There are three different operator seat options, all with comfort in mind.

Automatic air conditioning with an operator-selected preset ensures consistent operator comfort all day. On cold days, the optional seat heater is a comfort you wouldn’t want to be without. For more information visit your Fendt dealer or