The most common insecticide treatments are imidacloprid (1.6 oz/100 wt of imidacloprid 600/5F) or thiamethoxam (Cruiser 5F at 1.28 oz/100 wt seed). Both are good treatments but, at the above rates, Cruiser will be more consistent (but probably more costly).  Imidacloprid at 2.0-2.4 oz would be more comparable in terms of efficacy to the Cruiser treatment. 

These higher rates of imidacloprid would have to be applied by your local distributor.

Another insecticide option is NipsIt (clothianidin) that is being packaged with fungicides as Inovate (from Valent). We have less data on this product but it appears comparable to the other options. Nematicides should not have much value in the absence of significant nematode infestations. So sample your fields for nematodes!

Acceleron? You can order soybean seed from Monsanto with Acceleron or Acceleron I.  Acceleron just includes fungicide components, Acceleron I includes fungicide and insecticide (imidacloprid at the 1.6 oz rate).

Cotton: Cotton will almost always come with a base fungicide seed treatment. Additional fungicide, insecticide or nematicide seed treatments can be purchased from the seed company or applied downstream. An insecticide seed treatment is strongly recommended in Tennessee unless you are using some other treatment such as Temik or Acephate as an in-furrow spray or seed treatment. 

The two options being marketed are imidacloprid (formerly called Gaucho) and thiamethoxam (Cruiser). The standard rates are imidacloprid at 0.375 mg ai/seed or thiamethoxam at 0.34 mg ai/seed.  We have lots of data in Tennessee showing these products provide similar crop protection at these rates.

Acceleron? You can order cotton seed from Monsanto with either a base fungicide treatment, Acceleron I, or Acceleron N. Acceleron I includes fungicide and insecticide components (imidacloprid at the standard rate), Acceleron N includes fungicides, insecticide plus a nematicide (abamectin/Avicta).

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